AGS Management Services Private Ltd.
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Training Academy: We are one of the few Security Agencies who have their own Security Academy. We have a tie-up with Army Resettlement Cell to recruit Ex-Servicemen directly from various army centers to be a part of our Organization. Our Training Involves,
Field Training: Our Personnel are trained by our Professional Trainer Manager about following:
Parade: Training involves how to perform & participate in Parade (for 15th Aug & 26th Jan)
Training Involves Investigation: Training Involves how to perform investigation of the various incidents may happen at cliental place and foremost how to Prevent Criminal activities & Theft.
Handling Security Equipments: Training involves how to Handle various Security Equipments

    CCTV Camera
  • Hand Healed Metal Detector (HHMD) & Door Metal Detector (DMD)
  • Bio Metric System (BMS) / Finger Print Scanner (FPS)
  • Walki Talki (WT) / Radio Frequency Identity Technology (RFIT)
  • Fire Detecting Systems (FDS) / Training about how to detect different types of fires
  • Responding to Emergency Situations.
  • Bomb Detection & Evacuation Drills.

First Aid: Training involves how to respond for Injuries, Cardiac & Etc.,
Class Room Training:
  • Correct Interpretation of Gate Passes & ID Cards of Employees
  • Material Movement Passes and Visitor Passes
  • Material Movement Registers and Visitor Registers

Special Training:
  • Personality Development & Self Grooming
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Complimentary (Wishing everybody with smile)
  • Pleasing Texture at Main Gate, Front Office and Reception & Parking.

Asset Protection and Surveillance:
We have a Team deputed exclusively for conducting Surprise day and night checking .They conduct Random Surprise Raids during nights and holidays to ensure that our Security Personnel are alert and performing their duties diligently.
Safe Guarding OUR Clients Interest:
  • We are invited by Police Department for SECURITY SENSINIZATION PROGRAM which involves Alertness in preventing the Anti Social Elements that may happen like Bomb Blast , Terrorist Activities and etc.,
  • Mainly we train our guards to be proactive in Bomb Detection, Fire Fighting, First Aid and to your Movable and Immovable Assets.
  • AGSMS has got good contacts with police department.
  • There are several cases where Casual Workmen who have worked more than 240 days a year and have become Permanent due to the court rulings .Therefore AGSS has Installed an HRD Software to ensure that all Security Personnel who complete 200 days on a single location are automatically transferred .This is to protect our Clients Interest and prevent anyone from claiming permanency and long term liabilities.

Responding to Emergency Situations:
  • An ERT (Emergency Response Team) can be built in order to immediately combat any kind of emergency situation. The ERT includes few Volunteers amongst the Security Personnel, Housekeeping, and Your Office Staff. Required training can be provided to this team and be given Red colored Bands “ERT” printed on it for anyone to easily identify them .This team will take the first lead in Combating any kind of physical crises till the Professionals arrive on the scene.
  • In case of any unrest, on short notice we have the capability to depute out TASK FORCE TEAM at an extra cost to bring things under control. These personnel are not normal Security Officers but are Professionals and are specialized in handling troubled and violent situations.
  • An excellent rapport is maintained with the Government and Police Authorities to ensure quick and positive response.